At Gentry Martial Arts you'll find a family friendly community that's dedicated to your success. Our goal is to share martial arts with as many people as possible- that's why we offer free classes to new students! There's no contract and no obligation. Let us help you be more!

Martial arts improves your mind, body, and spirit in ways no other activity can.
Martial arts can help you and your child be more. You will get your body to do things you didn't think were possible. You'll feel safer on the streets and more aware of your surroundings. You can give your kid social skills, leadership skills, and the discipline and confidence to succeed. In addition to self-defense against others, learn to fight the demons of self-doubt and fear of failure. See how martial arts can give you role models, a philosophy, and a lifestyle to be a better person. Learn all this in an environment that fosters family-like ties rarely experienced in today's society.

We are proud to have some of the best martial arts pedigrees in the area, and we offer some of the most cutting edge and demanding classes out there. We strive for excellence. Experience how we can help you or your family be more.


For me, the study of martial arts has brought wisdom, mostly about myself and my shortcomings and my abilities to overcome them. I have also discovered courage I didn't know I possessed.
- Lise Roberson

In the dojang there is no one tearing you down. Just people lifting you up and helping you along…You start to reassure yourself that you can do anything you set your mind to.
- Josh Stecher